PPG Update

Following the major disruption to the operation of the Surgery and PPG it was thought that we may try to get back to some sort of normality. With that in mind we would like to kick start the PPG into action.

A meeting was convened between the PPG (BG, AH) and the practice manager (BM) to discuss the way forward with regard to the interaction of the PPG and the practice.

The following was agreed.

  1. The PPG shall provide a sounding board for suggestions and ideas for improvement for the practice. A suggestions box will be introduced in the waiting room.
  2. The PPG will discuss areas of concern raised by patients but shall not discuss individual cases.
  3. The PPG will discuss communication issues and agree strategies and actions to progress through regular newsletters, (hard copy and digital), Facebook, the web site and where viable via email
  4. Attendance at the regional PPG Network Meetings by a member of the practice and/or PPG, shall be provided and feedback discussed. The practice will support these meetings were appropriate.
  5. General support to the PPG shall be provided by the practice including arranging meeting rooms and dates as well as photocopying within reason.
  6. The Chairman shall provide the agenda for PPG meetings.