PPG Minutes 10th January 2024

PRESENT: Ann H (Chair), Anne W (Notes), Josie V, Jill H-S-B,

 Dr. A. Butler-Reid, Kurtis R, Bev M, Ryan F.

APOLOGIES; Ben H, Jen W, Aileen A, Brian G, Winnie D, Sue D, David P

Potential new member Carl has not responded to emails.


Minutes of the last meeting agreed and accepted.   


Item 1.  Proxy Access forms

Ryan has updated the form and included clear instructions for parents.

Ryan has tried to get some information about why and how only some parents receive a form.

Ryan will send a digital copy to Ann H to share with PPG Network                           Action Ryan

Item 2.  PPG Network group and letter to MP.

Ann reported that after discussion with the group she agreed to draft a letter to be sent to our MP Mr Mark Menzies.

A copy of this draft letter was shared and discussed. It was considered to be a good letter.      

Suggestion made that some specific facts to support the claims would be useful.

Members agreed that Mr Menzies should be asked if he would consider visiting the practice to meet PPG and others. Possible venue: the waiting room. Could he supply possible dates and times.

Ann is going to email the revised draft to all members for consideration.                   Action Ann


There were no comments in the box.

Kurtis has replaced the old box which was looking shabby.

Some discussion re seating required for infirm patients as they wait to see reception. Possibly seating could be made accessible by moving chairs around in waiting room. This is a work in progress.

Reception staff are increasingly under pressure from some ill-mannered patients. PPG members were encouraged to make positive comments where possible to support new staff especially.  Action ALL 


The problem of DNA (Did Not Attend) and the consequence of wasted appointments etc. was discussed. Ryan has done some analysis of the data and in one month alone there were 186 missed appointments. Regular reminders are sent out by text message. A letter is sent out following non-attendance. Occasionally there has been a response and there was a good reason.

Several possible reasons for non-attendance were considered. For example, a patient may have been hospitalized, maybe sometimes older patients may forget, etc.

Ideas for reminding patients e.g. Facebook,  e.mail, having a dedicated person to be given the reminder on behalf of the patient etc. were discussed.

Ryan is going to compile some data on the different DNA according to demographics, age range, geographical etc. He will again share this data with Ann H for the next PPG Network meeting when   

DNA will be on their agenda                                                                                                        Action Ryan


This will take place on Wednesday 31st January 2024 at 9.30 – 12.30.

Those members able to help on the day are asked to arrive at 9 am to set up. Kurtis will provide cuppas!

 Ryan will provide some copies of the newsletter for distribution. Other leaflets also to be available.

 An evaluation meeting to be held the following week. Date to be confirmed.

 Members from PCN and Social Prescribing, etc. are to be invited to attend and support.

                                                                                                                                                    Action Bev, Ryan and Kurtis           

6.   A.O.B

 The next PPG WEEK  is to be held in late May/early June 2024. This to be discussed at the next meeting.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 6.20 pm          

DATE OF NEXT MEETING   Wednesday 6th March 2024 at 5pm