PPG Minutes 7th September 2022

Minutes of PPG meeting Wednesday 7th September 2022

Present;  Ann H (Chair), Anne W (Notes), Sue, Josie, Winnie, Krystina, Brian, David, Bev, Aileen, Dr. A. Butler-Reid, Jen.

Apologies; Ben, Pat, Tony.

Outstanding Actions;

Brian has resigned from the role of Chair but will continue to be a member of the group. Ann has agreed to chair the meetings for the time being. The group is grateful to Brian for his loyalty.

Other matters will be addressed under Agenda items as follows.

Matters arising from last meeting:  

An agenda for this meeting was sent out in advance. This proved beneficial and enabled a more focused discussion.

Blood pressure machine is now working.

Notice boards are in place.

Some progress to privacy screening around reception desks

Feedback from Regional PPG;

There was a long discussion about Social Prescribing and participants were keen to learn about the outcomes and how these were monitored.   A representative from the Social Prescribing Team –
“L, Deborah (LYTHAM ST ANNE’S & ANSDELL (LSA) PCN)” – attended and provided some background as well as answering questions to the best of her ability.

It was noted that members of the Social Prescribing Teams can be invited to PPG meetings to provide a briefing.

Their work is based on the 5 Ways to wellbeing and a hand-out was provided at this meeting giving a brief overview of this framework and its origins.

Services for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s were discussed in relation to social prescribing.  The value and importance of memory clinics and nostalgic social event that trigger happy memories for individuals were discussed and the role of social prescribing in referring to these facilities.  PPGs may also have a role in trying to ensure that the services remain available in their areas.  Demetria pathways were also discussed and the importance of including services and events such as this within the pathway.

Lancashire Carers were praised and recomme3nded as an excellent service so we may want to explore their provision a little further in our area

The PPG representative from Thornton Cleveleys told the group about the difficulties encountered when Lloyds pharmacies closed leaving patients without medication temporarily.   This problem was apparently solved by the PPG and the notes from the regional meeting will doubtless include more details. These will be circulated when available.

Staff shortages throughout the NHS were discussed.

Questions were asked about the formation of the new Integrated Care Board (ICB) as this has been delayed.  I asked of the Non-Executives had yet been appointed and if any of them had a portfolio of interest in patient engagement.  There was no clear answer to this question but I suggest we pursue it and invite this person to one of our meetings if possible as the PPGs need a direct line of communication with the ICB.  In the past some PPG Chairs/members attended CCG meetings as lay members and this hopefully will continue with the ICB but again, no-one could answer the question.

ACTION:  Raise this point again at the next PPG Regional meeting

The TOR for the ICB Public Involvement and Engagement Advisory Committee show that a Non Executive is one of the members

Wellbeing (Social Prescribing)   A handout about ways to promote wellbeing was distributed and information about how the Wellbeing Team can offer help and support.

This is based on the idea of self care. It is funded locally through the PCN and not directly through the practice. 

This is a free service for all patients registered with a GP in the area. Access to the team may come from the GP or by self referral through facebook.com/LythamStAnnesTogether. or www.lythamstannespcn.co.uk

[email protected]

The next step is to promote this more widely through the practice and Facebook.

Comments /Suggestions from Patients

A box has been put in the waiting room.

None so far.

Maybe patients could be invited to put comments on the website or on Facebook.

Action –  Krystina will send a comment to Bev for inclusion

Communication matters;

The screens in the waiting room are in the process of being repaired/updated.

 Information about funding for the website is still awaited. Quotes have been invited.

Much of the delay is due the fact that the responsibility for commissioning has been passed from NHS England to ICB-Integrated Commissioning Board. This is a newly formed organisation and as yet it does not have a full complement of Executive Board members in place.

Please could all members acknowledge receipt of e.mails sent out by Bev. Also please indicate whether or not you will be attending the meeting.

Review of Terms of Reference;

Bev has agreed to update and send out to members of the group.

Flu Vaccines

The Autumn Covid Booster and the Flu Vaccine will be given at the same time to all those eligible. These are to be administered at two sites, those being Parcliffe for Ansdell and St. Annes patients and Fernbank for Lytham and Freckleton patients. Those patients who are only eligible for the Flu vaccine will be invited to come to the surgery. This will be either by text or telephone probably in early October.

Help from members of this group to run the clinics will be welcome. Bev will send out details. It may be possible to run a “Listening Table” at the clinics. Plans for this will be via email.

Medication Reviews;

The aim is to make the best use of resources in the GP practices and the Pharmacies to support patients to use medication well.

In this practice there is a very well trained and competent team who support the doctors and check and monitor for safety and appropriate requests from patients. This works very well and saves clinician time.

At present the post of fulltime pharmacist is vacant.

Pharmacists and technicians from PCN can offer some help.

Any Other Business;

Staffing levels – this is a difficult situation because, nationally there are not enough qualified people available.

In this practice there are 10,300 registered patients, 5 partners and some locum support. Dr. Cooper, full time locum, has returned to Australia. A salaried doctor is to join the practice soon.

Dr. Meehan is to leave at the end of the month.

Nurse Practitioner post still vacant.

There are 3 nurses.

Media Apps. There are currently 3 apps, namely, My GP, Patient Access and NHS. It is expected that this will be streamlined and all will be moved to NHS app. Awaiting an update.

Action – Bev, please put this on the next agenda.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 6.35 pm

Date of next meeting    Wednesday 9th November.