PPG Minutes 13th September 2023

PRESENT: Ann H (Chair), Anne W(Notes),  Josie, Aileen, Jen, David, Winnie, Sue, Jill, Dr. Butler-Reid, Kurtis , Bev.

APOLOGIES;, Maria, Brian, Ben


    Ann H. welcomed everyone and introduced our guests:

    Michelle A, Primary Care Network Manager,

    Bernie and Julie from Just Good Friends.

    (All of whom were visiting to give an insight into their roles)            

    PRESENTATION – Just Good Friends,  Julie R with her colleague Bernie.

Just Good friends is a charitable organisation with over 200 members in Lytham St. Annes. They aim to help vulnerable members of the community in any way possible, e.g. making sure people are safe in their home, trying to solve problems, and providing opportunities for social interaction. Meetings take place in various venues seven days a week, sometimes twice a day.

Referrals come through Social Prescribers. They cope with “non-digital” communication required for any members who are not able to access IT.

Ansdell Medical Centre take the lead with 45 of our patients being Just Good friends members.

Bernie and Julie gave an excellent outline of their work and took questions from the PPG members.

   PRESENTATION – Primary Care Network, Michelle A, Manager.

The team support 5 practices across Lytham St. Annes.

An informative and interesting explanation of the way the team work.

One person works with GPs within each practice. The team look after the Residential Care Homes.

The Social Prescribers see individual patients and point patients in the right direction to access the help needed.They also offer help to groups, e.g. men’s group, bereavement, weight / fitness classes etc.

Digital access is available through the website.

Staff include Occupational Therapist, Advance Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists, Care Coordinators 

Note: Dr. Butler-Reid is in charge of the PCN.


               Minutes agreed and accepted.    

                          Item 2    Bev provided a copy of Terms of Reference which PPG members signed.

                          Item 4   Comments from Listening Table Event provided.

                          Item 5   Proxy Access Forms – not yet addressed – ongoing.

                                                                                                                              ACTION Bev               


Jen provided an idea for a display in the surgery addressing “You asked – we did”.

This would take the form of speech bubbles with spaces for response.      

Bev agreed to allocate an area on the board.  

Suggestion –  maybe it could be included on the screen.

Next Listening Table in January, 2024


Suggestions about best ways to reach patients included putting the newsletter in reception and on website.

Small print of newsletter is an issue but Ryan is going to deal with this.

                                                                                                                               ACTION Ryan / Bev

Information could also be sent out through Just Good Friends.

The newsletter is to be produced approx three monthly and may possibly be sent out by email.

Ideas and updates to be sent to Bev after reading it on the website.             

                                                                                                                            ACTION all: 

Ann to draft a letter to our MP informing him of Ansdell PPG members concerns re funding and future of Primary Care. Letter to be circulated via email to all PPG members for comments and amendments

                                                                                                                              ACTION Ann:


Staffing  update

New Salaried GP Dr. Pottinger, working 3 days per week Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday.

Regular locums Dr. Patterson (working every Tuesday), Dr. Nally (working every Monday & Wednesday) and Dr. Kandola (working every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). Locum ACP (Advanced Clinical Practitioner) Kristian Schofield, working every Monday.

Ad-hoc locum GPs Dr. B. Butler-Reid, Dr. Palmer and Dr. Dixon are also booked regularly throughout the month.

The Practice is actively trying to recruit a further 2 GPs


Ann gave a very brief report from the PPG network meeting held on 14th August.

1/ David Rogers spoke of “INT” – Integrated Neighbours Scheme.

Also spoke re GPs communication channels

FYI https://www.lancashireandsouthcumbria.icb.nhs.uk/get-involved/citizen-panel

2/ MST (Microsoft Teams) development for use by PPG is ongoing. Could use GP practice MST licence?

Chantelle is link between various groups: Lancs / B’pool / Blackburn.

3/ Surveys / collaboration / campaigns / learning webinars all ongoing. Sharing good practice.

4/ PPG needs to have own Chair (shared?) – David Rogers unable to take this on – loss of member of staff

5/ Info re future vaccines?  Financial burden. Increase in demand on GPs.

6/ Chantelle will try to arrange a suitable venue for the next PPG Network meeting to take place. Hopefully a “live” meeting therefore in October

Ann will email the full minutes to PPG members as soon as they are available (they are slow in arriving due to current absence of a “minutes secretary” for the PPG network)   

8. A.O.B.

Information re the Covid and Flu jabs was requested. 2 venues / multiple vaccines / 2 avenues of contact. In progress.

Jen asked re extended hours appointments.

                                                                               ACTION: staff to be reminded to offer these to patients

David asked how we might influence health / funding.  For now, inform ourselves better (see item 4 Action Bev). Write to our MP re financial statement.

Bev shared link to ICB website



  The meeting closed at 6.25 pm.

 DATE OF NEXT MEETING   Wednesday 8th November 2023 5pm