PPG Minutes 13th July 2022

Present;  Ann H, Ben, Anne W, Sue, Aileen, David, Krystna, Josephine, Winifred, Dr A. Butler Reid, Bev

Apologies;  Brian, Kurtis

Ann H agreed to chair the meeting in the absence of Brian

The group welcomed three new members, Ben, Josephine, and Winifred, brief introductions were made from all present.

There was no specific agenda on this occasion

Mike H has informed the group that he will be unable to continue attending he group due to ongoing health issues. We wish him well and send our best wishes

Matters arising from last meeting notes

Ann mentioned that these notes were incomplete as she had to leave the meeting before the end and no-one took over the note taking.  The notes however proved to be sufficiently detailed to serve their purpose at this meeting.

Weight Loss programmes/poster

There is now some info on the screens in reception.

Comments and suggestions from patients

The practice is still working on the best way to achieve this. The notice board being used proved to be too large and a smaller one is on order.  The latest version of a poster was circulated for comment.

Medication reviews

There was a detailed discussion on this point. David P emphasised the savings to be made when prescribing is viewed appropriately.  DR BR explained how this work is currently contracted and carried out.  The local Primary Care Network (PCN) have recruited 3 pharmacists and 6 pharmacy technicians to the meds management team.  It was suggested that this forms a key agenda item at the next meeting so that we can better understand what’s happening.

ACTION- add to agenda for Sept meeting.

Notice Board re- design

Ongoing – not yet completed

Incorporating and sharing good practice with other health centres/PPGs

ACTION C/Fwd- Aileen looking at additions to the website when possible on topics such as access to services and meds reviews.  The website is currently under review and no additions are possible just now.

The notes from the Thornton Practice following their findings on equalities in access to healthcare are to be sent to the new members

ACTION _ JW to send

Staffing at Ansdell

There have been 4 new recruitments to the reception team although an admin post remains vacant

Nurse Practitioner appointment – no update.

Privacy in reception

The fact that patients have to supply very personal information now in reception and that this can be easily heard by everyone nearby was once again raised.  Bev said the acoustic screens had been looked at but nothing had progressed.  This continues to be a concern and it was noticeable during the observation sessions carried out by JW (see later in notes)

ACTION – continue to explore potential solutions

BP machine in reception

The PAT test is booked for the 29th July and the machine will then be available once more for general use.

Other topics discussed

Meeting organisation and format

Some group members felt that we were trying to address too many topics at meetings and there was insufficient focus. The timing of meetings was also discussed with the potential to extend the hour currently allocated (5- 6pm)

After much discussion it was agreed that future meetings would be longer- from 5- 6.30pm and would have shorter agendas with a specific focus on agreed topics.  There could be a standing agenda can be created and a time slot for the key topic.

It was also agreed that the agenda and notes from previous meetings should go out in a timely fashion prior to meetings.

The meeting day of Wednesday was agreed and the TOR will need amending to reflect this.

Flu vacs

Ann asked about the flus vaccination programme. This will probably take place in October but there is doubt that it will be combined with Covid boosters.  DR BR said the input from the PPG will be welcomed and Ann mentioned the potential to set us a ‘talking desk’.  More info at the September meeting

ACTION –  add to agenda for September meeting

Communication with patients

Notices in the waiting room indication where the various consulting room are located would be very helpful

The on screen message to tell the patient the clinical is ready for them does not have an audible alert now so people are missing the messages.

ACTION- Bev to look at this

Jennifer mentioned a programme she had heard on Radio 4 –  Inside Health on the 12th July – that covered the language used in clinical consultations and how this can sometimes be misunderstood, misinterpreted or found to be upsetting in some way by patients.  Dr BR said that lots of training takes place on this topic at the practice.  Some ongoing research was mentioned on this topic .

The programme can be downloaded on the BBC Sound App and shared with anyone on WhatsApp

The short report on the ‘secret shopper’ sessions in reception to be re-circulated

ACTION- JW to circulate

Practice Training events

We spoke about members of the PPG group joining us for the practice training afternoon on the 14th September.  As there is already a full agenda already planned we could possibly look at a different training date.  (We can discuss further at the next meeting)