PPG Minutes 8th December 2021

Meeting Notes from PPG 8th December 2021

  1. Introduction

The chairman introduced the meeting as a new start, using the Terms of Reference as a guide and limiting the PPG activities to concentrate on supporting the Surgery in its day-to-day operation.

Apologies were received from Jen, Mike and Christina.

It was noted that Dr Butler Reid has given apologies at the previous meeting

  • Matters arising

Kurtis is to look at improving the how the comment box is presented in surgery.

It was noted that the Booster process had run smoothly within the practice.

A further action was placed on the practice to provide note paper for patients to use for comments.

  • Feedback from Regional PPG

The next neighbourhood PPG meeting was held on the 3rd of November. We had no one in attendance.

  • Comments/Suggestions from Patients

It was noted that only generic issues will be discussed and not individual matters.

No suggestions had been submitted prior to the meeting.

At the meeting the blood pressure monitor was discussed. This has been removed due to COVID cleansing requirements and pressure on staff. It may get reinstalled when restrictions are lifted.

In the meantime, information regarding blood pressure will be added to the TV screens in the surgery.

The issue of privacy at the receptionist desk was discussed. It was suggested that soundproof screens could be introduced. The practice will look into the costings for this.

The patient induction pack would be made available via the website. Action Kurtis to pursue.

The topic of information sources for patents and how this can be easily provided is still a hot topic. It was also agreed that a review should take place around what information is available to patients that require access to treatment and how this could be improved. This would help around education to reduce the surgery calls as well as giving patients guidance as to where support can be found.

It was suggested that this be a separate agenda item.

  • Communications matters 

Use of the TV screens to continue.

Action Kurtis to investigate a ‘hover’ function.

  • Any other business

Action Kurtis to supply stats for discussion at the next meeting.

Next meeting February 2nd 5 pm