PPG Listening Table Event Review 13th June 2023

Patient Awareness Week / Listening Table Review Meeting 13th June 2023 5pm

Present: Jen, Sue, Ann, Bev, Kurtis, Ryan, Dr Butler-Reid.  

Apologies: Anne Waters

  1. What went well?

* Support for PPG volunteers from Kurtis, Ryan and Bev was very helpful: between 25 and 30 FAQ sheets were taken home; some patients were assisted with technical queries; the PPG leaflet was much appreciated.

* The patients with whom we interacted were mainly very responsive, interested in what we were promoting, and generally very grateful.

* We signed up a new PPG volunteer.

* Several issues which were “raised” by patients were referred to Kurtis and team, or written up and placed in the suggestions box. e.g. car park issues, queuing for reception, room number notice boards, privacy at reception desk, etc

*The Well Being Team’s leaflets were taken up with enthusiasm.

* The coffee and tea swerved up to volunteers was hugely welcome

  • What was not so good?
  • The position of the Listening Table was a bit inaccessible. Options were limited.
  • Volunteers agreed that it was challenging for volunteers attempting to be in attendance at 2 sessions
  • We ran out of some leaflets and handouts – they were popular!
  • How could we improve / do better?
  • We agreed that as we build on these events things can be refined / improved
  • We will have more leaflets, both in quantity and variety
  • Slightly adapt position of table / banner so as not to hide notices on the wall. Perhaps increase the “lighting” or have someone at the main door mentioning to patients as they arrive that there is a PPG table at the rear
  • Will we repeat the event?
  • Yes. Possibly 2 /3 times annually – highlighting specific issues. (youth issues, NHS app support, website and technical “education”)

Suggested that invitations to any “focus group” events should be managed by the practice

Ann to mention the youth focus group at PPG network Meeting next week.

To be put on next full PPG Meeting agenda on 5th July

  • AOB
  • We took the opportunity to address one or two issues raised by patients. These included:
    • Privacy at reception / patients raising their voices so as to be “heard”
      • Issues in the Suggestion Box from the Listening Tables event to be discussed at next PPG meeting
      • Ryan to look into possibility of there being some low level background music somehow fitted onto the VDU screen
      • Ryan to continue to work on website / NHS app connections, and to keep volunteers in the loop

Meeting closed at 5.40pm