PPG Minutes 9th March 2022


  1. Introduction
  2. Outstanding Actions
  3. Matters arising from Minutes.
  4. Feedback from Regional PPG
  5. Comments/Suggestions from Patients
  6. Communication matters
  7. Any Other Business

Present: Aileen, Sue, Krystyna, Ann H, Dr. Butler-Reid, Bev, Kurtis

Apologies: Mike, Brian, Jen, Ben, Anne W

Notes are written under the Agenda headings, not always as they were addressed in the course of the meeting.

1/ Introduction

Krystyna introduced herself to other members. A decision was taken to share the chairing of the meeting.

Item sent in by Jen W (Thornton Practice PPG findings re inequalities), to be discussed at next meeting to allow input by Jen.

2 and 3/ Outstanding actions / Matters arising from Minutes

a/ Various changes had been made by Bev to improve patient participation in using the Suggestions Box in the waiting room. No increase in uptake (yet)!

b/ Actions for Kurtis were mainly “works in progress” including:

            *Create audio / visual to promote patient participation

            * Post information on Facebook

            * Patient Induction Pack / Patient Registration – work in progress

            * Waiting room TV screen etc – actions ongoing (Kurtis)

            * Facebook posts and messages: actions ongoing (Kurtis) e.g. MOT bus service,BP chemist services, etc

c/ Following discussion re BP machine in surgery waiting room the following matters arose:

  • PCN Well Being addresses the importance of monitoring BP in vulnerable members of the community
  • Lytham St Annes Together addressing matter
  • Kurtis will get hold of a poster and place it on Facebook page, the screen in surgery waiting room, and elsewhere
  • Aileen mentioned need for further sharing of information e.g. which chemists participate

4/ Feedback from PPG Network

Ann had sent in notes from the Network meeting prior to this evening’s meeting.

Discussion arose re:

  • MOT Health Check up  / Mobile Unit Bus introduced to act as a drop in around the area.
  • Provides ear syringing, BP checks, general health checks. No appoitments needed.
  • Financed for a limited time . . .perhaps weeks rather than months
  • Dan Clough seconded from PPG Network Lead to other work in NHS Trust
  • Communication is still an issue within the NHS Trust / CCG. Role of PPG is vital
  • Recycling of medical supplies is problematic. One PPG in Blackpool battling for solutions. Ann and others to seek out more information for next meeting. Aileen has links with “Leg Up” who may take sticks, commodes, specialist beds, frames etc. Wrightington Hospital takes items in. Moments café may take in items? MSK Physio? Enhanced Primary Care Unit. This matter to go on Agenda for next PPG meeting.

5/ Comments and Suggestions from patients:

Bev stated there’d been nothing from the Suggestions Box

PPG Members raised some issues on behalf of specific fellow patients:

  • An issue with directions / access to Audiology Clinic Bev will check this out.
  • Concern over communication re certain telephone appointments. Could be a matter for Nurses team. Kurtis to look into this
  • Is it now possible to make appointments online? Being discussed. Possibly to be re-introduced. Digital online appointment system doesn’t allow for distinction between between F2F and telephone appointments.
  • Medication reviews needs addressing
  • BP machine may be set up again in waiting room. Meantime service is offered by chemists. PCN links to pharmacies. Getting message out is a problem. Surgery no longer has a dedicated member of staff who would deal with this . . hoping to change that soon.
  •   Concern re general lack of medical staff throughout the Health system and indeed at Ansdell Medical centre. Dr B-R explained issue in Ansdell Surgery. Dr Grant has moved, replaced by 2 long term locums. Nurse practitioner is absent at present. Recruitment is being addressed but GP shortage is a national concern.