PPG Minutes 8th November 2023

PRESENT: Ann H (Chair), Anne W (Notes),  Josie V, Aileen A, Brian G,

Winnie D, Sue D, Dr. Butler-Reid, Kurtis, Bev, Ryan.

APOLOGIES; Ben H, Jen W, Karl (new member).


                   Minutes of the last meeting agreed and accepted.    


 Item 2: Proxy Access forms, ongoing. Ryan is to offer help needed to update the form and make it clearer and more accessible.

Item 4: The newsletter is now presented in a larger font and very informative. It is available on the website and hard copies can be collected at reception.

Any contributions for inclusion in the next edition need to be sent in good time to Ryan.

Ryan is to consider asking patients if they would like an email alert (signup to newsletter)                                                                                                             

Action: Ryan                


There were no comments in the box.

An issue concerning a misunderstanding and inappropriate appointment offered to a patient was discussed and dealt with. 


Ann gave a report on the latest meeting of the Network PPG

  • This was the first “in-person PPG Network meeting since the start of Covid. Unfortunately it was not as well attended as online meeting.
  • Highlights from the meeting were a result chiefly of reports from individual PPG Chairs. These included
    • Poor communication between GPs and the hospital, resulting in patient care problems (David Rogers to look into this)
    • Raising of PPG opportunities: webinars;Campaigns; PCN roles; use of Microsoft Teams; Winter Campaign “THINC; promoting “self care via our GP surgeries;
    • Sad absence of young members of the PPGs
    • Need to sort a “Rotating Chair” system for network meetings
    • Request for PPG Chairs to send in reports prior to network meeting
    • Query re who PPG / PPG Network is accountable to.
    • Concern re financing of PPG expenses
    • Issues at Blackpool Victoria Hospital:
      • PALS problems;
      • overload of secondary care for GPs;
      • Inability to access imprtant depts and people on website;
    • General interest by all concerned re drawing our MPs’ and others’ attention to pressures withing our GP practices. AH suggestion of drafting a letter to our own MP was greeted with interest and supported as a positive action going forward.


Following on from Ann’s action to draft a letter to our MP, It was suggested that any effort to secure the attention of the Government e.g a letter to the MP would be more effective if members of the local PCN practices (and ultimately of the PPG Network group) could work together on drafting and delivering such a letter. We might consider inviting the current MP and maybe the Secretary of State to a joint meeting. 

NB – It is important that there should be a clear focus on what is hoped for. Underfunding is one such issue. 

Ann is to offer our involvement to the Network PPG and report back.                        

Action: Ann

6.   A.O.B.

The advertised Bereavement Group at The Ansdell Institute is no longer active. There is a group at The Community Centre on South Hey. Josie is to email the information to Ryan.

The next Listening Table Event is to be held on Wednesday 31st January 2024

All members are to bring ideas to the next PPG meeting.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 5.50 pm          

DATE OF NEXT MEETING   Wednesday 10th January 2024 at 5pm