PPG Minutes 25th May 2022

1/        Introduction   

Present: Brian, Jennifer, Krystina, Aileen, Ann H, David P, & also Kurtis, Bev and Dr. B-R. Apologies from Ben, Mike, Sue, Anne W.

David was introduced to the other PPG members.

2&3/  Outstanding Actions and Matters Arising from Minutes

Kurtis had been landed with most actions and registered his concerns about this. He sees his role and that of the PPG, is to be more of a “sounding board”

Most actions on the list were progressing.

Kurtis has links where it may be possible to develop / acquire a PPG video

Sorting a FBC poster needs some work: contact Jack W, check sizes, graphics, shape

BP information will be screened on the surgery video (courtesy of British Heart Foundation)

4/ Feedback from PPG Network

This item was left to end of meeting due to time pressures. Ann gave a very brief report. Notes from the meeting are attached to this document. See attached document.

5/ FBC Wreight Loss Program – sorry no record of this discussion. Is this the poster item?

6/ Comments & Suggestions from patients: actions

  • To try post-it notes for patient comments / ideas. A carefully worded question / phrase is needed to ensure appropriate responses.
  • Reception staff currently planning a re-vamp of notice boards.
  • Medication reviews – to be dealt with under FAQ’s on website (Kurtis)

Kurtis expanded and responded to several other items on the list from last meeting:

  • Directions to Audiology – in hand (Bev)
  • Telephone appts: ongoing problem, not enough tel lines / staff
  • Online appts not realistic option – no action at present
  • Use of text messages to alert / remind patients and to cancel appoitment. Kurtis looking at what other practices do
  • Aileen to draft info (for website?) re: Patient Access; Meds Management; medication reviews and more
  • BP machine set up in waiting room once PAT tests are completed + post box for giving results to practice. Discussed oxometers. Use website to encourage self care, advertise phone app and access to freebies
  • Sound barriers on list of “to look into”
  • Recycling of used medical equipment. Despite lack of progress by PPG network members, it seems Ansdell Surgery have some solutions which will be put up on website. Make the handout with information re this available?
  • In hope of cutting down surgery work load repeated references were made re patient “education”:  blood results, x-rays, hospital communication
  • Staff issue: we had a lengthy discussion and explanation of the staffing situation
  • Updated re long term locum, Dr Cooper, leaving in Sept.
  • New GP starting in August (7 sessions)
  • Nurse Practitioner appointment
  • But this still leaves us 4 / 5 sessions short. Everything that can be done is being done.

 7/ Comminication Matters? No notes re this item sorry.

 8/ Thornton Practice PPG Findings on Equalities

(see attachment / highlighted copies of this were available to all)

            Jen gave a brief report followed by some interesting discussion. Lack of time prevented any in depth analysis.

Bev spoke of specific planned training for staff which might be also useful for PPG. Possibility of the trainer coming to a PPG meeting to speak with us.

9/ Any other Business

            Kurtis re wider issues

a/ CCG ending requires changes. Awaiting more info from Integreated Care Board before trying to put matters in place

b/ PCN will now have a new website. (Primary Care Network for Lytham & St Annes, 6 practices)

c/ Budget for all these matters. Discussed. Need to wait to see.

d/ Patient Information Pack: work in progress. Requires sensitive handling  of complex, delicate issues

At this point 6.30pm, Ann had to leave. Hopefully A N Other can complete the notes for the last 10 minutes of meeting.

Date of next meeting: Wed 13th July